Latinized: Paulina Rubio Gets Carried Away By "Sex In The City"

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Charlotte—Mia Maestro
With her lucsious brown locks, perfect ski-jump nose and high-class pedigree (she's the daughter of an economist and is trained as a violinist), Mia Maestro is as close to WASP-y Charlotte as you can get--and, she's got sex appeal for days.

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Samantha—Christina Aguilera
Okay, okay, we know Xtina is about three decades too young to play Samantha, but we all remember her legendary Saturday Night Live skit in which she mimicked Kim Cattrall to utter perfection. In a word, homegirl killed it. Just like Samantha, Christina brings self-confidence, brazenness and style to everything she does.

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Miranda—Elizabeth Pena
Unflinchingly honest but loyal to the end, Miranda Hobbes is the kind of friend every girl should have. Actress Cynthia Nixon took the character from typical bitter manhater to the perfect mix of acidic wit and unexpected sweetness. Difficult shoes to fill, no doubt. But, we think Elizabeth Pena can pull it off. She's already got a head start with her red hair!

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Mr. Big, aka "Senor Grande"—Andy Garcia
Devilish grin, broad shoulders and trademark eyebrows: Andy Garcia reminds us so much of Big it's not even funny. We can't think of any other Latin actor who can walk that line between impishly charming and frustratingly aloof better than Andy.

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Carrie Bradshaw—Paulina Rubio
Was there ever a doubt? As if the wild blonde curls weren't enough, what could speak more to Paulina's Carrie-ness than her penchant for outlandish outfits? La Chica Dorada could definitely give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money in the style department.