Latinas Rule 'The Voice,' Mary Miranda & Cathia Sing Shakira Song

It all came down to Team Shakira’s Mary Miranda/Cathia battle last night on The Voice. The two Latina singers went head-to-head using a…wait for it…Shakira song, Antes de las Seis.” During the rehearsals, Miranda stumbled a bit due to her lack of knowledge of Shakira’s catalogue.   

“Mary doesn’t know her parts,” Cathia said of Miranda. “You just can’t go up to Shakira and not sing her song well. You need to know the melody.” Ouch!

Before their joint performance the pair presented their night’s goal to the cameras:

“When I get on that stage I’m going to make sure Shakira knows that I’m the person to pick,” Cathia said.

“I’m going to show Shakira that she got another Latina pop star right here” Miranda stated.

What ensued was one of the best performances of the season—absolutely flawless. While Cathia’s voice is earthier, Miranda’s stage presence is far ahead of her 17 years of age. The pair’s silky vocals gave Shakira’s breakup song a new millennial melody and spin. In the end, Shakira had her most difficult decision this season. Usher even accused her of being a narcissist for choosing her own song. However, Shak quickly defended herself which led the R&B heartthrob to say, “You never get into an argument with a Latin woman.” Damn skippy!

Eventually, Shak picked our choice to make it to finals—Mary Miranda. Subsequently, Usher stole Cathia to bolster his team and he reminded her, “I did have a number one Latin record [with Romeo].”

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