Latina Readers LOVE Eugenio Derbez in 'Rob!'

Rob! premiered last night and many of Latina’s readers were tuned in! How do we know? We asked on our Facebook page and were soon flooded with comments.

EXCLUSIVE: Eugenio Derbez on His New CBS Show ¡Rob!: “It’s Like Meet the Mexicans" 

The new CBS sitcom centers on an architect named Rob (played by Rob Schneider) who marries into a tight-knit Mexican family. The show stars a slew of Latino actors, including Lupe Ontiveros , Cheech Marin, and Eugenio Derbez (to name a few). In an exclusive interview with, the Mexican actor likened the upcoming show (which premieres on Thursday, Jan. 12.) to the hit movie Meet the Parents. “Well this is like, Meet the Mexicans!” the actor said with a laugh.

'¡Rob!' With Eugenio Derbez & Rob Schneider Is Finally Here 

So what did our readers think of the comedy? The majority enjoyed the show, and more than a handful expressed their delight with Derbez’s performance on the show. Check out some comments below and see for yourself what others thought about Rob!:


Rosaena Rodriguez Carrion: "I didn't expect to like it but my DH and I couldn't stop laughing! Eugenio's character is very funny!" 

Marco Brian Villareal: “Great show and Eugenio Derbez was so funny! Didn't even know he spoke English! Plus, Cheech Marin is my boy!! 2 thumbs up from me!!!”

Lilia Ramírez: “Have in mind this is a COMEDY! There will be stereotypes regarding Mexicans, but also making fun of those stereotypes as well because let’s face it, they over-exaggerate some stuff out there in the media... I can’t wait to see this at 8:30 especially because Eugenio is going to be in it.”

Gwen E Lopez: “Loved it! Finally something to watch on Thursday evenings.”

Rosemary Perea Lucero: “It needs to be an hour show! Loved it.”

JoAnn Franco-Mata: “It was awesome! I felt like the show was representing my family...especially uncle Hector.”

Sonia Soria-Kamber: “Eugenio Derbez is awesome.!!!! Totally gonna keep watching it!!!!!”

Legally Latin: “I loved it! I hope it doesn't get cancelled.” 

Hally Chirinos: “This show is my life.....”