EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hernandez Talks 'LarryMania,' & The Latin Dish He Wishes His Girlfriend Could Make

Larry Hernandez attends the Premios Juventud 2014
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It's been a busy year for Larry Hernandez! The Mexican singer welcomed a baby girl with girlfriend Kenia Ontiveros, released his 21st album, Otra Vez... En La Lista Negra, and, of course, starred in one of the most-watched Spanish-language TV shows: Larrymania. 

The reality TV program follows the adventures of the corrido singer, as he struggles to balance between his hectic life as a superstar and his life as a doting father, son, and partner. The loveable Mexicano hilariously struggles to find a place as a Latino in the United States — with his girlfriend and their two adorable daughters, Daleyza and Dalary, by his side. 

We sat down with Larry Hernandez to chat about life in front of the cameras, the birth of his second daughter, and more:

Has your life changed since being a part of Larrymania?

It's changed, because the viewers can see how amazing and special my personal life is, and they can enjoy my life! The changes have been very positive. It's great, because my fan base was young and now they're growing and becoming more mature. They are very diverse and are of all ages.

Speaking of fans, do you have any funny fan encounters? 

My fans always make fun of me, now that they know so much about my life. For example, they know that my girlfriend can't cook!

What's the most personal thing you've shared with the cameras?

It would have to be the birth of my daughter during this season. We filmed the entire birth in the hospital, and the first moments of Dalary's life.

Have you personally seen that footage?

I know it's something very private, and I thought about it before I saw the episode. I'm the producer of the show, and so I saw it afterwards when it aired. That moment was very special, and I'm happy I got to share it with my fans.

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