Is 'La Reina del Sur' Too Violent for Prime-Time TV?

Executives from the TV Standards & Practices board in Mexico filed multiple complaints this week about the violent nature and drug trafficking plot lines in La Reina del Sur. The boards main complaint is that the show airs too early and that La Reina del Sur should be moved to a later time due to the content.

Apparently, they kicked up enough of a fuss to get a reaction from the show's star Kate del Castillo, who defended the wildly popular Telemundo soap: "La Reina del Sur is not detrimental to the fight against drug trafficking. The telenovela is just a telenovela, do not look too deep, it's entertainment, it's made to entertain people and uses an issue that is very hot, it is only that."

We have to say, Kate has a point here. Telenovelas are always totally over-the-top and that's what we love about them! La Reina del Sur is no different—it may be a bit of a stretch to insinuate that the show could have a bad influence on viewers. We may be biased because we are totally addicted to this telenovela, but there seems to be enough to worry about in Mexico concerning real violence and drug trafficking without adding La Reina del Sur to the mix. Then again, it also airs at 10 p.m. here in the states. Who knows if there would be a similar outcry here if it aired in an earlier timeslot.

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