EXCLUSIVE: Kether Donohue on ‘You’re the Worst,’ Big Butts, & Being a Proud Latina

Exclusive: Kether Donohue on ‘You’re the Worst,’ Big Butts, & Being a Proud Latina
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FX’s You’re the Worst is the comedy show you should be watching right now. Stop streaming episodes of Parenthood and get on the Worstie train. It’s going full steam towards Sarcasm-ville and you don’t want to be left behind. One major reason to tune in is Kether Donohue who portrays the baby-voiced, potty-mouthed Lindsay.

The stunning Cuban and Irish actress gives new meaning to the phrase “kill’em with kindness” by saying the meanest (funniest) things (“Gretchen, Ty is famous. Also he's a total dog so he's never going to want you to meet his gross Polish parents or tell you about his squash games or ask you to shave his butthole.”) She’s an angel with an Eddie Murphy-in-his prime mind. Here, she talks about You’re the Worst’s season 2, which premieres tonight, embracing her Latina roots, dbags in different area codes, and masturbation. Yes, masturbation.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

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So you’re Cuban! Tell us about your background.

My father was born and raised in Havana Cuba. His family is from Spain. My father never taught me how to speak Spanish when I was little. That’s very disappointing to me. I’m still planning on learning it on my own. I really want to travel to Spain and immerse myself in the culture and learn it on my own. Other than that, I’m very connected to my Spanish roots in terms of the kind of food my father would cook in the house, the music, and I have a really big butt. I love it. Every time I’ve gone to a personal trainer the first thing I say is, “Honey look I’d love to trim down but don’t mess with my butt, do not shrink my butt!”

Speaking of your butt, it’s so refreshing to have someone of your body type (a normal woman) on television.

Honestly as an actress I know a lot of women struggle with body issues. I personally think it’s important to have actresses on television to represent that you can be a sexy woman in a positive way.

What’s going to happen with Lindsay this season?

So, first you’re basically seeing her internal and external life conflicting. Now, she’s confronting her own issues and who she is. That’s a big journey for her.

You’re from New York City but work in L.A. Which city has the bigger assholes?

Absolutely L.A. I don’t even need to think about that. I think people have this stereotype in their head that all New Yorkers are just a bunch of assholes. I honestly think New Yorkers are the most caring and kind people. And if they’re going to be assholes at least they’re going to be upfront about their assholes. In L.A. people may be really nice to you on the surface and then talk bad about you behind your back. Again, I don’t want to put down people in L.A. because you can’t really generalize like that. There’s bad and good people everywhere you go. I’ve experienced in general, in New York, people cut to the chase a little more and they’re a little bit more straight forward. In L.A. I’ve experienced more wishy washiness. I will say though that the people that are actually from L.A., like born and raised in L.A. are the real nice and genuine people.

“Sunday Funday” is the episode everyone talks about from the first season. What’s your perfect Sunday Funday?

Actually, the cast in real life, we’re actually all friends. So we have our own Sunday Funday. For me my Sunday Funday has to consist of going to brunch with a bloody marry and home fries. I do not get the salad, I get the home fries. The other day we had a Sunday Funday and they put cauliflowers in my Bloody Mary. I didn’t like that. I just want a Bloody Marry without the cauliflower, okay? I love driving in my convertible with the top down. Well, I might be too drunk to drive in my convertible so I’ll have a friend who doesn’t drink as much as I do and I’ll let them drive the car for me and I’ll be in the passenger seat with the top down and just go to the beach.

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