Kate del Castillo Gets Really Mad Over Televisa's Censorship of 'La Reina del Sur'

Followers of the hit telenovela La Reina del Sur were let down during Wednesday night's telecast in Mexico which was supposed to feature actress Kate del Castillo's character Teresa Mendoza and Cristina Urgel's character Patricia O'Farrell locked in a  kiss. Televisa, the network that carries the broadcast, chose to censor the intimate moment between the characters.

In the episode, Teresa celebrates her birthday in prison with Patty, and later comes face-to-face with La Teniente for what would've been a passionate kiss. As the scene's hot moment got underway, and the characters appeared just about to kiss, the scene cut, letting down thousands of viewers and leaving them asking "what just happened?"
Through Twitter, Castillo expressed her outrage at the network's decision to pull the steamy kissing scene.

"I won't cause a stir, even though they censored my kiss with Cristina Urgel... good night!," she tweeted at first.

But after what appeared to be a case of insomnia, or rage, over what happened, the actress later wrote: "I swear that I'm going to sleep now!! But... '#noalacensuraLRDS jaja!! Es que si se la jalarooooon!' Nite nite," she wrote, expressing her dismay about the decision.

Earlier, Kate expressed her gratitude to fans for their support, saying it was important that self expression be allowed. She went on with a subtle jab at censors, saying they clearly must disagree. She also apologized to fans and said she did not want them to see the work half done.

"Gracias a todos por su apoyo, me parece importantísimo que nos expresemos! #noalacensuraLRDS no me gusta que vean nuestro trabajo a medias!"

She went on effusively thanking her fans for all their comments, saying she hoped that today they would see an uncensored version of the telenovela.