Justin Timberlake Developing a Peruvian Comedy for NBC

Salma Hayek would be proud. Just as the actress transformed Yo Soy Betty, La Fea into the Emmy-winning Ugly Betty, Justin Timberlake is setting his sights on a hit comedy from Peru and turning it into a sitcom for NBC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pop star is teaming up with Reveille, the production company that successfully adapted Ugly Betty and The Office for a U.S. audience, to do the same with Mi Problema Con Las Mujeres, a comedy that premiered last July in Peru and has since become a hit throughout Latin America.

Timberlake’s version, titled My Problem With Women, will get inside the mind of a bachelor named José who starts seeing a therapist in order to figure out why all his relationships seem to fall apart. (Click here for a handy video recap of the Peruvian version). Hmm…think this plot scenario triggered any memories of Britney and Cameron for JT?

Regardless, it’s exciting to hear that there’s life after Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty—TV audiences need new options for shows that take on universally relevant themes, but with a Latino twist. A spokeperson from Reveille adds, “As the world is getting smaller in the digital age, its comedy and the social themes, like battle of the sexes, not only resonate in Lima, Peru, but also in New York City." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves…wait, we just did.