Just Because: 20 Hot Photos of ‘Law & Order’ Star Danny Pino!

He may be considered “the replacement” on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But Danny Pino, who joined the cast after Chistopher Meloni left the show at the end of the 12th season, has managed to breathe new life into NBC’s long-running police procedural.

But that’s not all… The 38-year-old Cuban-American actor has also added a little extra fuego to the show with his piercing eyes and killer smile. Even though he’s always covered up, Pino still manages to make the screen sizzle. Here’s a look at 20 hot photos of the Law & Order: SVU star!

1. 319_DannyPino_1

Black & White

Danny Pino isn’t only handsome… He’s also quite stylish! Just look at him in a
black suit, black dress shirt and off-white tie. The star of The Burning Plain has us
burning up, burning up for his love.

2. 319_DannyPino_2

He’s Not Coast-ing on His Looks

He’s almost always dressed to the nines in suits that fit him like a glove, like in this
image of Pino near the water. Now imagine how he’d look like in a Coast Guard
uniform. The former lifeguard considered joining the Coast Guard while growing up
in Miami.

3. 319_DannyPino_3

Lap Up His Exquisiteness

Oh how we’d love to take a seat next to Pino on that sofa… or on his lap for that
matter! The three-time ALMA Award-nominee is oh-so-fine.

4. 319_DannyPino_4

It’s In His Jeans

Even when he’s dressed in a blazer and jeans, Pino still manages to make our hearts
flutter every time we see him on and off screen.

5. 319_DannyPino_5

Grin & Bear It!

Talk about a heart-melting smile… Every time Pino shows off his pearly whites, like
he’s doing in this photo, he just makes us derretir.

6. 319_DannyPino_6

Tall, Dark & Handsome

Pino is one tall (dark and handsome) glass of water, as evidenced in this photo of the
former Cold Case star.

7. 319_DannyPino_7

Sexy and I Know It…

Pino’s smoldering smirk in this photo makes us believe the soft-spoken actor knows
he’s one sexy specimen.

8. 319_DannyPino_8

Suit & Tie

“And as long as I got my suit and tie, Imma leave it all on the floor tonight…” Every
time we see Pino dressed to the nines in his suit and tie, we can’t help but sing the
lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s latest single and daydream.

9. 319_DannyPino_9

He Smart Too!

Before pursuing acting as a full-time career, Pino thought about becoming a lawyer.
He even studied engineering and pre-law at Florida International University and
graduated from the South Florida school in 1996.

10. 319_DannyPino_10

He’s Humble!

He’s not only charming and debonair… Pino is also quite humble, especially when
talking about his big break on CBS’ Cold Case. “When you are welcomed into
people’s living rooms, it says not only a lot about the show and the quality of it and
the people you are working with, but hopefully it also says something about your
own work and where you are at and the all-star team you are surrounded by,” said
Pino in an interview.

11. 319_DannyPino_11

He’s Not Afraid of a Challenge

Pino isn’t one to rest on his laurels, which makes him even sexier to us. The Law &
Order: SVU looks for roles that challenge him. “I’m always chasing roles that make
me nervous,” he says. “It’s always the role like, I wonder if I can pull this off. I just
played a police officer, so how do I play one different? What would be compelling
about that? That was a challenge. There’s not one specific role that jumps out at me,
but it’s always the challenge to play something new.”

12. 319_DannyPino_12

He’s a Fireman…

Call him a fireman… Pino, who was born on April 15, is an Aries, a fire sign. People
born under the sign have an energy, vitality and enthusiasm that serve as an
inspiration to others.

13. 319_DannyPino_13

The Man Can Cook!

Here’s another reason Pino is sexy… The man can cook! In an interview with Men’s
Health, Pino admitted to knowing how to cook. After some practice, that is. “I have
my great grandmother’s recipe for black beans, all the way from Cuba, and I know
how to make those. I’m actually pretty good at it now. But my first time, the beans

actually exploded in the pot, so I had black beans just dripping from the ceiling—
which is actually a dream come true for most Cubans. It was a nightmare to clean. It
looked like a crime scene: Who killed the beans?”

14. 319_DannyPino_14

He Knows How to Stay Healthy

“You’ve gotta pick your battles, man. You choose what you’re going to jump into: the
lechon, the maduras, or the bistec,” says Pino in an interview with Men’s Health on
how he balances enjoying Cuban food with staying trim for the cameras. “You can’t
do them all. Choose wisely, then eat in moderation. When I know I’m going to Mom’s
for dinner, I throw an extra 20 minutes on the cardio machine so I can be ready to

15. 319_DannyPino_15

He’s Proud to be Cubano

There’s nothing hotter than a man who embraces his cultura, just like Pino does.
“I’m certainly proud to be Cuban-American and it’s a fantastic opportunity for
anybody — regardless of their ethnicity or nationality,” Pino to Latina about
representing the community on Law & Order: SVU. “ It does carry a measure or pride
to know where you’re from and to know what your roots are.”

16. 319_DannyPino_16

He’s Got Moves

During his Cold Case days, Pino served as a presenter at the Primetime Emmy
Awards with his co-star Kathryn Morris, where he showed off his killer dance
moves when he dipped Morris backstage. It was a swoon-worthy moment! He’d
later get his dancing groove on with his co-star Mariska Hargitay on the set of Law
& Order: SVU.

17. 319_DannyPino_17

He’s a Baller

Growing up, Pino wanted to play professional baseball. And even though he decided
to pursue acting instead, the Law & Order: SVU star is still a baller. He’s participated
in charity baseball games and has even thrown out the first pitch at Miami’s Marlins
Park, with William Levy no less.

18. 319_DannyPino_18

He’s Shared a Stage with Madonna

Back in 2002, Pino acted alongside Madonna in London in the play Up for Grabs.
And he’s got nothing but props for the pop icon. “What I can tell you is that she’s
incredibly professional. She works as hard as anyone I’ve ever worked with. I think
her approach is different given she’s a performer and been in front of an audience
probably more than any actor could hope for, whether it’s in concert or making
appearances or whatnot,” Pino told the Miami Herald. “She’s strong-willed, funny,
generous. I grew to respect her process very much and learned a lot from her. You
have to be on your toes; she never took a night off.” A man who has respect for the
ladies, he’s a winner in our book!

19. 319_DannyPino_19

Cuban God?

With his chiseled face and expressive eyes, Pino definitely looks like a Greek… err…
Cuban god. The producers of the Clash of the Titans remake totally missed their
chance to cast him as one of the gods in the film.

20. 319_DannyPino_20

He’s Desi-Licios…

Pino made us weak in the knees when he portrayed Desi Arnaz in the 2003
television movie Lucy. Talk about perfect casting.