Julie Bowen on Sofia Vergara: "She Can Do Anything!"

Back in 2009, Modern Family star Julie Bowen described Sofia Vergara as a “Cholo Barbie.” Bowen, who beat Vergara for an Emmy this year, joked about Vergara’s accent on Chelsea Handler's late night E! television show and hinted that Vergara was materialistic.

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Though the interview left a sour taste in our mouths, it’s been two years since then and we’ve come to realize the mutual respect between both women on the hit ABC comedy. On a recent appearance of Conan, Bowen spoke of Vergara’s acting ability through a funny impersonation. “She can do anything, anything!” Bowen told host Conan O’Brien.

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Bowen recalled a time during filming when Vergara said she couldn’t ride horses, yet did so almost naturally once they yelled “action.”

“She is magic, she can juggle flaming chainsaws if someone said ‘action’,” Bowen said of Vergara. “She’s a born performer.”

Check out Bowen’s hilarious impersonation of Vergara below: