Judy Reyes's 10 Best Moments on Scrubs

Long before she was Zoila Diaz on Devious MaidsJudy Reyes played a fast-talking, kind-hearted, feisty, and independent Latina nurse on Scrubs

Any true fan of the comedy knows that Nurse Carla Espinosa was the glue that held together the group of dysfunctional doctors, nurses, surgeons, and hospital staff. Always available with a word of advice, a not-so-funny joke, or the proper dose of sass, Carla was the one person everybody in Sacred Heart Hospital could turn to when they needed help.

It’s Judy Reyes 46th birthday, and we’re celebrating with her 10 best moments on Scrubs. Check ‘em out: 

1. Judy Reyes 01

"Bambi, are you giving me attitude?"

Carla was known for her moxie and fiery personality. When J.D. (played by Zach Braff) tries to give her attitude, she schools the young doctor on the proper way to sass a co-worker:


2. Judy Reyes 02

"And now you think I'm the craziest women here!"

One of the many reasons Carla was so relatable was because she wasn't afraid to show-off her true colors (and act a little crazy) sometimes:


3. Judy 03

"I'm still not ready to do this."

Carla was known for her strength and independence. When it came time to say goodbye to her fellow nurse, Laverne, she exposed her vulnerable side. Grab some tissues before you watch: 


4. Judy Reyes 04

"Yep, heard it!"

Carla expects the best of herself...and from others. So, when a new resident tries to give her trouble, Carla sets her straight. 


5. Judy Reyes 05

"Admit it. Admit it right now, or I'll never respect you again."

When it comes to her friends, Carla will do anything to see them happy. But, she's not afraid to call J.D. out when he doesn't return the favor. 


6. Judy Reyes 06

"I'm just not that big on public displays of affections."

Carla receives an unexpected (and slightly unwelcome) romantic proposition from Turk (played by Donald Faison) in this hilarious scene: 


7. Judy Reyes 07

"No hard feelings?"

Nurse Espinosa is one woman whose bad side you do NOT want to be on. 


8. Judy Reyes 08

"She's our half-African half-Latina princess."

Despite her husband's objections, Carla is firm: her daughter is growing up speaking Spanish and knowing her Latina culture. Bravo, Carla! 


9. Judy Reyes 09

"I'm really scared, and I need you here right now."

Carla was a fantastic character and inspiration -- partly because she wasn't afraid to admit when she was scared, upset, hurt, or angry. One of the most beautiful moments of the series occurs when she goes into labor. Carla opens up and admits to her husband that she's too scared to do it alone. 


10. Judy Reyes 10

"You were Bambi. Somebody had to teach you how to walk."

During the series finale of Scrubs, Carla and J.D. share an emotional goodbye. Carla began as a role model to J.D. -- and ended as one of his best friends.