Meet Juan Pablo's 27 Bachelorettes!

The newest Bachelor, Juan Pablo, will be gracing our TV screen with his hot Venezuelan self on January 5 at 8 p.m.! But before the season begins, get to know the 27 lucky ladies vying for this bachelor's love:

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1. Bachelor: Alexis


Age: 24
Occupation: Communications Director
Hometown: Tampa, FL

Fun Fact: She’s Cubana! “I'd love to visit Cuba with my Abuela and Abuelo to see where they grew up, where they met, and how life is like in their country.”

2. Bachelor: Allison


Age: 26
Occupation: Nanny
Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Fun Fact:  The most outrageous thing she’s ever done: “Move to Australia after college by myself, stayed for 2 years.”

3. Bachelor: Amy J

Amy J

Age: 31
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Hometown: Apopka, FL

Fun Fact: Her ideal partner is, “Funny! I love to laugh and laugh hard with my man. My ideal man is outgoing and energetic, happy and easy-going.”

4. Bachelor: Amy L

Amy L

Age: 27
Occupation: Local News Reporter
Hometown: Clermont, FL

Fun Fact: Her favorite snack is, “Chips and salsa/guacamole”

5. Bachelor: Andi


Age: 26
Occupation: Federal Prosecutor
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Fun Fact: She’d love to “visit every single country in the world. All like almost 200 of them. It's a stretch but I think it would be awesome.”

6. Bachelor: Ashley


Age: 25
Occupation: Grade School Teacher
Hometown: Roanoke, TX

Fun Fact: Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss.

7. Bachelor: Cassandra


Age: 21
Occupation: Former NBA Dancer
Hometown: Shelby Township, MI

Fun Fact: When describing her idea of the ultimate date she said, “Sightseeing in Italy followed with yummy food and a boat ride through the town.”

8. Bachelor: Chantel


Age: 27
Occupation: Account Manager
Hometown: Miami, FL

Fun Fact: When it comes to dating someone, “My family's approval does mean a lot but my family is happy if I'm happy and will make the best even if they don't fully approve.”

9. Bachelor: Chelsie


Age: 24
Occupation: Science Educator
Hometown: Lexington, OH

Fun Fact: The best trip she’s ever been on, “I went to Mexico with all of my cousins/aunts/uncles and grandparents. We had so much fun but what I remember most was going off the resort and giving toothbrushes/clothes/teddy bears to very poor villages. It taught me at a young age to be very grateful and the joy of helping others.”

10. Bachelor: Christine H


Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Hometown: Aurora, IL

Fun Fact: She considers her three best attributes to be “loyal, street smart, always thinking of others before myself.”

11. Bachelor: Christine L


Age: 23
Occupation: Police Support Specialist
Hometown: Miami, FL

Fun Fact: “I think I have an embarrassing moment daily.  Usually consisting of me falling; I'm pretty clumsy.”

12. Bachelor: Clare


Age: 32
Occupation: Hairstylist
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Fun Fact: “I have never taken a vacation. I've always worked my buns off and never made time. Plus, I was never in a relationship that I could go on a vacation with.”

13. Bachelor: Danielle


Age: 25
Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse
Hometown: Litchfield, IL

Fun Fact: She’d love to, “Go to Paris! I've never been and it seems like such a romantic/amazing city.”

14. Bachelor: Elise


Age: 27
Occupation: First Grade Teacher
Hometown: Forty Fort, PA

Fun Fact: She hates it when her date is “arrogant, a smoker, uses profanity, and expresses a dislike of children.”

15. Bachelor: Katherine


Age: 29
Occupation: Medical Sales Rep
Hometown: Iowa City, IA

Fun Fact: The most outrageous thing she’s ever done: “I backpacked through the east coast of Australia for 4 weeks - by myself!”

16. Bachelor: Kelly


Age: 27
Occupation: Dog Lover
Hometown: Conyers, GA

Fun Fact: Her biggest fear? “Being vulnerable with someone that doesn't feel the same."

17. Bachelor: Kylie


Age: 23
Occupation: Interior Designer
Hometown: Rockford, IL

Fun Fact: Her favorite board game is Jumanji.

18. Bachelor: Lacy


Age: 25
Occupation: Nursing Home Owner
Hometown: Antelope Acres, CA

Fun Fact: “I love it when my date is polite, opens the door for me and greets me with a hug."

19. Bachelor: Lauren H

Lauren H

Age: 25
Occupation: Mineral Coordinator
Hometown: Edmond, OK

Fun Fact: Her three worst attributes? “I can be too candid with my feelings, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut if I know I'm right, and I have a hard time getting to everything I plan to do -- not because I'm lazy, but because I think I'm Superwoman and commit to too much.”

20. Bachelor: Lauren S

Lauren S

Age: 26
Occupation: Music Composer
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Fun Fact: She says her greatest achievement to date is: “My piano music. I'm working on a 5th and 6th piano album. Also, I started my own business, which is still up and running successfully.”

21. Bachelor: Lucy


Age: 24
Occupation: Free Spirit
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Fun Fact: The most outrageous thing she’s ever done? “Once I organized a 50-person, fully nude dance party on a beach in Mexico.”

22. Bachelor: Maggie


Age: 24
Occupation: Personal banker
Hometown: Wagener, SC

Fun Fact: Her greatest achievement to date: “Last year I raised thousands of dollars for the children's muscular dystrophy association and was able to send a child suffering from the disease to an MDA summer camp.”

23. Bachelor: Nikki


Age: 26
Occupation: Pediatric nurse
Hometown: Kearney, MO

Fun Fact: Her all-time favorite movies are The Notebook, The Island, and Avatar.

24. Bachelor: Renee


Age: 32
Occupation: Real estate agent
Hometown: Martha's Vineyard, MA

Fun Fact: If she could be someone else for a day, she’d be “a fighter pilot, because I want to fly under a canopy really fast.”

25. Bachelor: Sharleen


Age: 29
Occupation: Opera singer
Hometown: Ottawa, Canada

Fun Fact: Her idea of the perfect date? “I love conversation and food, so as long as it's quiet enough to hear each other and the food is excellent.”

26. Bachelor: Valerie


Age: 26
Occupation: Personal trainer
Hometown: Sutter, CA

Fun Fact: If she were stranded on a deserted island she’d take, “My best friend -- although she'd be pissed at me for it! If she doesn't count then I would bring a big book, like the Bible or the dictionary, since I had all the time in the world to read; a blanket because I'd probably get cold; and bug spray because God knows what insects I would come across.”

27. Bachelor: Victoria


Age: 24
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fun Fact: She doesn’t like being the center of attention. “I prefer to be more mysterious. It's best to leave some things to the imagination.”