EXCLUSIVE: Joyce Giraud Talks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Charity Beauty Pageants

Your husband is German, do your children speak English, German, and Spanish?
They don’t speak German–that’s my husbands fault. They speak perfect Spanish and English, and I will take 100% credit for it! With Leonardo, for the first two years of his life, he didn’t speak to me in Spanish! I would talk to him in Spanish, and he would only answer me in English. I was very upset with myself. I even spoke to specialists. They told me just to keep talking to him in Spanish, to be patient. The moment Valentino started speaking Spanish, out of the blue, Leonardo says, in perfect Spanish: “I speak Spanish, too! I just like to speak English!” I started crying! Now, he speaks a lot of Spanish to me. They have really embraced their Latin culture. 

As far as German, they only speak the German I know, which is limited! My husband doesn’t stick to it. He speaks to them a little bit, but he doesn’t have the patience. It’s a very disciplined thing. My mother-in-law bought them TV shows to watch in German. I learned English watching TV, so I think it’s great! I grew up in Puerto Rico, and my mom didn’t speak English, but she wanted us to learn. She would only let us watch TV in English. I always wanted to watch the Puerto Rican shows, but my mom told me, “You can watch American TV or you can not watch TV–it’s not good for you anyway!” So, I learned how to speak English through television, since she couldn’t teach us. 

Amazing! Well, we can’t wait to see the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Any final words for Latina.com readers? 

Supports the Latinas in the show! I want them to watch carefully–in the beginning, I’m going through this drama. I can’t expose it now, but I will tweet about it. Just watch!

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