EXCLUSIVE: Joyce Giraud Talks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Charity Beauty Pageants


This is the second Queen of the Universe pageant. Is there any particularly moving story from the first pageant?

There are a lot of beautiful stories–I have a million! I’ll give you one from my winner, Yvette. Her father always wanted her to do a beauty pageant. Just when her father passed away, she heard about the Queen of the Universe pageant, so she decided to do it for her dad. The day before the pageant, we were rehearsing. As we were doing the final run down, she started to feel extremely nervous. She’s not an actress; she’s a realtor, and she told me she was shaking so hard at the rehearsal that she wanted to drop out. She looked up, and she saw a feather in the sky of the venue. There’s no feathers in the theater! We didn’t have any! She told me that a feather was always a symbol of her father. Whenever she sees a feather, she knows her father is with her. So, she looked up at the sky and knew she could do this. She went on to become the winner. She has a beautiful charity called My Sister's Closet, which raises money for prom dresses for underprivileged girls. 

Awesome! So, you’re the new girl on Real Housewives. How has your family adjusted? 

My family adjusted quite well! I’m not a stage mom, so when my babies were asked to do campaigns, I always asked them first. A lot of times, they said no–they didn’t want to do it. People tried to force me to get them to the campaigns, that I should save money for their trust fund. But, I thought, they’re too little. They should have a choice. If they don’t want to do it, why would I put them through it? 

Now, after the show, Leonardo–my big baby–loves film. And Val–my little baby–loves pictures. They tell me, “Mommy, when are your friends with the big cameras coming to my room again?” They miss the crew! We actually never filmed with them that much. The show is about me and the housewives. It’s about the women, and I was very clear about it. My children are a big part of my life, but I try to keep them away from the cameras as much as possible.

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