EXCLUSIVE: Joy Enriquez Dishes on New Reality Show ‘House of Joy’

What kind of cultural differences come up in your marriage?

I'm West Coast, he's East Coast. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so all my family is here. I have 36 cousins. I lived on the East Coast the first five years of marriage, but when we started having kids I wanted to move back to L.A. Food is different. The way we discipline our children is different. The fact that my family lives with us is different. He's like, ‘When you're 18, you get kicked out of the house.' Not with Mexican families. With Latinos, your mom, aunts, and cousins help raise your kids. We don't believe in outsiders. We want to show other multicultural families that you can make it work.

What else do you think viewers will take away from the show?

That you can have a family, be in your 30s, and still have that dream.

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