Jorge Ramos on The Colbert Report: Latino Vote "Not Really" in Play

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos appeared on The Colbert Report Tuesday night, the day before the first presidential debate, and weighed in on the Latino vote that both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are hoping to nab, reports the Huffington Post.

But according to Ramos, the Latino vote is "not really" in play, citing the latest polls that show Hispanic voters favoring Obama by 73 percent, and Romney at a new low of 21 percent. Ramos continued to point out that the GOP has generally always had an issue in attaining Latino voters: "It's been like that for decades. Mostly Latinos tend to vote for Democrats, not for Republicans."

Romney, who had appeared on a forum led by Unvision anchors Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, is said to still be plagued with the implications of his "self-deport" rhetoric and words against the DREAM program. 

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