John Leguizamo Signs Development Deal With ABC And ABC Studios

ABC and ABC Studios recently struck a deal with actor and comedian John Leguizamo making him the star and executive producer of a single-camera comedy based on his own New York City life. Now, the search is on to find a talented writer to author the series according to to

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The multi-talented Colombian-American actor will work closely with his longtime manager Jeff Golenberg, as well as Mandeville’s David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, all of whom will be co-executive producers on the project. While we likely won’t see a pilot out this fall due to the timing of the deal, we can always hope!  

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This will be the first comedy series for Leguizamo who is presently touring the United States in his 5th one-man show entitled Ghetto Klown. He has also done work on Broadway, co-starred on shows ER and The Kill Point and recently wrote and starred in the indie film Fugly. Plus, did we mention he won an Emmy for his HBO televised stage show Freaks?

This Jack-of-all-trades can currently be seen on the big screen opposite Katherine Heigl in One for the Money.