John Leguizamo to Star in ABC Comedy Show Based on His Life

Actor John Leguizamo could soon be returning to the small screen in a television show based on, you guessed it, himself! While ABC recently passed on a pilot starring the Colombian, they were quick to attach themselves to an entirely different project centered on Leguizamo according to TV Guide.

The show, along with its title, is still a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some juicy information! The story follows a husband and father, played by Leguizamo, who sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile his Bronx roots with his current existence as a privileged Upper West Sider. Throw in some potentially spoiled children, Leguizamo’s grounded mother and grandfather, Latin roots, and the actor’s comedic flare, and it sounds like a winner to us!

Leguizamo is co-executive producing and co-writing the show alongside Family Guy’s Chris Sheridan. ABC Studios, Mandeville, and The Collective are also behind the project.