J.Lo's Top 'American Idol' Moments and Our Favorite Jenny Moment of the Season!

Now that American Idol season 10 has officially come to an end, we take a look back at our favorite J.Lo moments from the entire season! 

1. J.Lo Hits the Stage with Pitbull

J.Lo showed us she still has what it takes to keep us dancing when she performed her hit song, “On the Floor.” with Mr. 305 on American Idol! It was a proud moment for Latinos to see two Latin superstars come together for an explosive performance on the Idol stage and it was also a source of pride for the Cuban reggeatonero. "Dale Latinos, palanteeeeeeee!” he told Latina.com exclusively! 

2. Casey Abrams Plants a Big One on the Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

During his performance of Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe,” contestant Casey Abrams walked over  to J.Lo and planted a quick wet kiss on the superstar's face. We love that J.Lo laughed off the surprise kiss and that she later raved about Abrams's soft lips. 

3. Never ask a J.Lo Her Age

Casey Abrams may have been the only male contestant with the guts to kiss J.Lo, but there were several guys this season who had a crush on the Puerto Rican superstar. During auditions, Texas native Tim Halperin flirted with Lopez and confessed he had a crush on her growing up. But things got awkward when Halperin asked the singer’s age. While she quickly responded that it wasn’t his business, she made sure to say, “'I’m young enough for you. Don't worry." It was a hilarious J.Lo moment! 

4. Unlike Simon Cowell, J.Lo Showed Kindness to Contestants

At the beginning of the season, Latina readers wanted J.Lo to be more critical of contestants, but as the season went on, people seemed to appreciate that J.Lo showed contestants a great deal of kindness and respect, and it seemed like she really wanted all of the contestants to succeed. “I want them to be great. I want them to be a superstar. I think I’m going to be compassionate. I’m not in the business of crushing spirits," she said in the first episode of the season. Mission accomplished! 

5. Tears After Eliminating Chris Medina

Eliminating contestants got harder for La Lopez as the season progressed and when she had to eliminate Latino favorite Chris Medina – whose relationship with his severely disabled fiancée Juliana Ramos captured the hearts of AI viewers – Lopez cried. Her genuine concern for Medina and Juliana was touching to watch. 

6. J.Lo Gets Angry Over Pia Toscano’s Elimination

It wasn’t only Chris Medina’s elimination that upset Lopez. After Pia Toscano’s surprise elimination we saw a different side of Lopez's emotions. After putting her head down for a moment, a confused J.Lo said, "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't know what to say."

7. The Bronx Diva Rocks an Urban Updo

J.Lo's hairstyles on American Idol every week were just as interesting as the singing competition itself, but “The Urban Gravity-Defying Updo,” she had in one episode is our favorite of the season. 

What's our favorite J.Lo moment on American Idol this season, you ask? Well, we have to say that our absolute favorite moment happened in tonight's finale, when J.Lo performed with her husband Marc Anthony. Want to know what Latino pride looks like? Watch that performance! This is it!