EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Sanchez Talks About Life After "American Idol" And Shouts-Out Fans!

Phillip Phillips may have won the title of American Idol, but Jessica Sanchez is still our winner! We recently chatted with the talented runner-up about becoming the next pop diva, showing her fans love and more. Check it all out below:

Your fans were shocked when the results were read, what’s your reaction to all of the love and support you’ve received?

"It means the world to me. I noticed that I was trending after the show aired and I just thought that was crazy. It’s amazing. I can’t thank my fans enough for making it this far in the competition. It’s insane. I really love them so much. I wish I could thank them in the biggest way possible."

Is a part of you relieved that it’s over?

"Yeah, it’s mixed emotions. I was relieved because now it’s over and I can just focus on my music and my fans. I can sit back and enjoy things now. I’m also sad because I’m going to miss everyone there. I built friendships and now we have to say goodbye."

What were some of your favorite experiences on American Idol?

"I loved singing with Jennifer Holliday. That was just a highlight for me. I also loved singing with the rest of the contestants. We really do get along and we are like family."

Did you get any advice from Jennifer Lopez or the rest of the judges behind-the-scenes?

"No, whatever interaction we had with them was taped and the fans got to see it all. The advice that they did give was priceless and it made me want to work harder. It helped me develop as an artist."

What kind of artist do you see yourself becoming?

"I would say a combination between urban, R&B, and hip-hop. I do kind of see myself like a Beyonce. I want to sing ballads in the future, but not for the entire album. I want to have dance songs. It’s different, but I’m excited to go out there and show everyone who I really am."

You covered so many icons on the show! If you had your choice to collaborate with any artist in the future who would they be?

"There are so many. I love Beyonce, Rihanna, and Eminem. I love a lot of people. Prince is a big one too."

What was your family’s reaction to the finale results?

"They weren’t disappointed at all. I think they were just really proud that I made it this far. None of us thought we would make it this far! I just went on the show hoping for the best. It meant a lot to us that I even got to this position."

What’s the best lesson you have taken from all of this?

"No matter what happens, remember where you came from. This whole thing can change you in a second."

What’s next for you?

"I get to go home for a couple of days and then it’s back to work. It’s been busy, busy! (Laughs) I have a lot in the works. You’ll see."