Jessica Sanchez's Best American Idol Performances

Jessica Sanchez may not have won the American Idol season finale last night, but there's no doubt that the 16-year-old dominated the competition throughout Season 11. Steve Tyler called almost every single one of her performance "delicious" and we couldn't agree more. Check out Sanchez's top American Idol performances below. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

1. Jessica Sanchez "A Night With My Father"

The 16-year-old contestant didn't exactly nail the cover of Queen’s 1975 hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the themed "rock night," but her emotional tribute to her dad stole the show. Sanchez revealed that her father was getting deployed to Singapore soon, and wanted to honor him with the classic Luther Vandross song, “A Night With My Father.” The heartfelt performance received a stellar reaction from the judges and her fans at home too.

2. Jessica Sanchez "Fallin'"

Jessica Sanchez came back strong after being in the bottom three with the flawless soulful rendition of Alicia Keys’ "Fallin.’’ We are glad she wasn't sent home!

3. Jessica Sanchez "I'll Always Love You"

We are still in awe about the talented teen contestant's delicate and spot-on rendition of Whitney Houston's hit "I'll Always Love You." Sanchez was the final performer to represent for the ladies team during this episode, and let’s just say she was worth the wait. Without a doubt, Sanchez proved that they saved the best for last by performing a track that some music veterans even shy away from covering!

4. Jessica Sanchez "Sweet Dreams"

We have to admit we bought the Top 9 American Idol compilation album just for Jessica Sanchez's version of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams." The half-Mexican singer’s ballad cover may have had a harp player, but it was anything but a lullaby. Sanchez, who wore a diva-worthy dress complete with shoulder pads and a chiffon train, nailed an electrifying performance that was more vocally impressive than the original track (sorry Beyonce fans!).

5. Jessica Sanchez "How Will I Know"

Sanchez has the potential to reach diva status – especially with help from her alter ego, BB Chez. Sanchez shined brighter than her neon shoes during her cover of the late Whitney Houston’s hit, “How Will I Know.” The half-Mexican contestant has the vocal range that almost mirrors Houston’s style.