Jessica Alba to Join "The Office" on Superbowl Sunday

Unlike that last time, here's real Jessica Alba breaking news: the star has been confirmed to join NBC's hit comedy, The Office, on its special Superbowl Sunday epsiode, airing right after the big game on February 1. Along with Jack Black and now, according to Zap2it, Cloris Leachman, Jessica will play herself in an episode called "Stress Relief," in which the office workers will try to take some of the pressure off their workday by watching a bootleg copy of a Hollywood movie starring all three celebs.

Sadly, this means that there probably won't be any interaction between Jessica and Office stars Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam (do they even have real names?) and of course Oscar, the token gay Latino (every awesome TV show has one, right?).

This might be a wise strategy, though...everyone knows that the minute a show starts padding itself with celebs is the exact same moment it starts to suck (We're talking to you, 30 Rock). What do you think, Office fans? Are you worried that the show might jump the shark on Superbowl Sunday by packing in too many guest stars? Discuss.