Jessica Alba On Her #1 Pregnancy Craving

On last night’s episode of Lopez Tonight (his second to last show before going off air) a very pregnant Jessica Alba talked about her severe pregnancy cravings and her abuela's traditional Latino cures for childhood ilnesses. 

“Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful—and a Latina with heels!” Lopez noted of the 30-year-old actress as he introduced her.

During the interview, Lopez held up Latina’s August issue, which features a perfectly pregnant Alba on the cover, and congratulated her for staying so active and posing for magazine covers while pregnant. "The thing is to accentuate the belly!" Alba said when he asked her if she had any tips for pregnant women getting their picture taken.

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The Spy Kids 4 star admitted that watermelon is her biggest pregnancy craving. "I dream about watermelon. I'm serious!" she said with a smile.  “I will go crazy, I’ll turn into someone psychotic.  Like if you don’t give me my watermelon right now, it’s bad for you.”

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Alba shared childhood memories with her abuela.  “When I was a kid, if I hurt myself, if I cut myself, or got a bruise, she’d put oil and sugar and say a prayer,” she said, “and that would heal everything—but it just hurt actually, more!—especially on the cut!” 

Watch part of the interview below: