Jessica Alba Discovers Her True Ethnicity on "Lopez Tonight"

Actress Jessica Alba’s visit to George Lopez’s late-night talk show Lopez Tonight was full of discoveries. First, the comedian schooled her on Twitter, informing her that a stranger has been posting messages under the actress’s name. Alba eventually sent her very first tweet, typing, "Twitterworld! I'm officially here! On the George Lopez show rt now. Took a DNA show for results. Hint: Spain."



Next came the DNA test Alba referred to. Lopez offers his guests the opportunity to learn the origins of their ancestry through this type of testing—Larry David found out he’s 37% Native American!—and Alba seemed excited to hear the details of her background. She guessed that she would be predominately Native American, but then in a very nervous, Maury Povich-like moment, Lopez revealed that Alba is only 13% Native American and a whopping 87% European. Jessica’s face dropped for a moment and we sensed she was disappointed. Of course Lopez had to crack jokes. “You’re whiter than Larry David,” he said. Alba laughed along, as did her father, who sat watching from the audience. Check out a few outer snippets of the interview below: