Jessica Alba Calls Bill O'Reilly an A-Hole

Oh, no she didn't! Jessica Alba got a little too honest on the red carpet for the Declare Yourself Inaugural Party. Alba was the face of the Declare Yourself campaign last year and although the actress is notoriously wary of the paparazzi, she stopped voluntarily to talk to the media at the event.

When asked by a producer for The O'Reilly Factor if she had an inaugural shout out for host Bill O'Reilly the actress responded, "No. He's kind of...he's kind of an a-hole." In a classic Alba move, this insult was delivered while the beautiful Mexicana flashed an angelic smile. She then refused to give an example of O'Reilly being an a-hole because she would be "admitting that she ever watches Fox News." Ouch!

Bill O'Reilly's response? "Miss Alba is misguided and would benefit greatly if she actually did watch The Factor." O'Reilly actually decides to be understated now? Where's the red-faced, irrational, shouting commentator we all know and (love?) when you need him? Yawn!

Score: Alba, 1. O'Reilly, 0.

Watch the video below: