Jennifer Lopez's "Maid in Manhattan" Coming to Television

Our favorite Jennifer Lopez movie in recent years, Maid in Manhattan, will be coming to the small screen soon. The romantic comedy is being developed for television by Jennifer and the original creative team behind the hit movie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the hour-long dramedy won't be a direct remake of the film, which centered on Jennifer's character Marisa Ventura, a struggling single mother from the Bronx who works as a maid at a swanky Manhattan hotel, where a rising politician guest (Ralph Fiennes) falls for her after mistaking her for a wealthy socialite.

Instead, "the show is a different maid in a different Manhattan," says creator Chad Hodge. The lead in the TV version will still be a young Latina from the Bronx working at a Manhattan hotel who tries to make it in the world. But the series will focus mostly on her relationships with co-workers. "While the hotel's clientele is an obvious part of this world, I'm more interested in the downstairs part of Upstairs, Downstairs," Hodge said, referring to the classic British series about an upper class family and their domestic staff.

As in all of her projects, Jennifer will be actively involved on the creative end. She's been providing "a fountain of ideas," according to Hodge. "She will be very integral in the pilot and series," he said.

Maid in Manhattan is a natural addition to ABC's primetime line-up, which is anchored by the similarly-themed show Ugly Betty.

We have to admit, this is a pretty brilliant (if not kind of obvious) idea. Now the only question that remains is, who will take over the role of Marisa Ventura from Jennifer? We're sure all of Hollywood's young Latinas will be clamoring for this juicy part. Who knows, if the show is a hit, we may have another America Ferrera-sized star in our future!