Jennifer Lopez, Reality TV Star!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are set to join the ranks of the Simpsons, the Kardashians, and the Osbornes by opening up their private lives for television. The show, which will air on TLC, will focus on how Jennifer balances her marriage, motherhood and career—including the launch of a new fragrance line. Jennifer made the announcement at TLC's "upfront" presentation, where networks reveal their programming lineups for advertisers.

"I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together," said Jennifer, who will also executive produce the series.

"Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience," TLC President, Angela Shapiro-Mathes said in a statement.

So...does this mean we'll finally get a glimpse at the Lopez-Anthony family's rumoredly blinged-out lifestyle of mansions, couture, nannies, assistants and bodyguards?! Even just the promise of a peek inside Jennifer's shoe closet makes this must-see TV for us...