Is Jennifer Lopez Leaving 'American Idol?'

Jennifer Lopez and American Idol have proven to be quite the pairing. The addition of Lopez this season as a new judge has helped FOX's singing competition stay on top in its 10th season, while the show has given Lopez amazing exposure that has catapulted her to even greater fame (if that's even possible). But despite this productive start, could Idol and J.Lo go their separate ways after just one season?

E! News host Ryan Seacrest asked Jennifer that very question during his exclusive interview with her last week. "Here's what's the great thing about this moment for me," Lopez said when asked if she'll return for a second season. "There's tons of possibilities and I'm open to whatever."

Clearly Jennifer wasn't giving Ryan anything on that question (even if they do work together everyday). But the singer, actress, and judge did get more candid with Ryan when he asked her about all of her recent success, including being named Most Beautiful by People magazine, her hit single, "On the Floor," and her upcoming new album, Love?.

"I don't know," gushed Lopez when asked why all of this is happening to her now. "It is an amazing moment. I think maybe because I'm ready for it," she said. "I've gotten to the point in my life where I'm just happy in my life, in my skin, in my body and in what I have to offer. I'm able to give the best of myself now and I think the babies had a lot to to do with that, with changing me as a person, and having a really good personal life as well."

Lopez told Ryan that when she was first asked to do Idol her knee jerk response was to turn down the job. "It just wasn’t in my plans for my career," she explained. "And then the big major thing, when Mark and I sat down and talked about it, it was like it'd be nice to be in one place with the babies. They’ve been traveling since they were like three weeks old, so that was a major consideration," she said. 

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