Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Chris Judd Performs at the ‘American Idol’ Finale!

J.Lo and Chris Judd, together again!

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Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd may have divorced 13 years ago, but there’s no bad blood between the former couple. Judd scored a backup dancing role on the ‘American Idol’ series finale, probably from his friendly ex!

Judd confirmed his appearance on the finale in an Instagram post, but we still weren’t sure what his exact role would be. But as soon as Idol alum Larry Platt started performing his song “Pants on Fire,” out walks Judd giving us a performance for the ages!

The 46-year-old has some impressive moves, and now we can see why J.Lo fell so hard for him back in 2000. They were married from 2001-2003, but called it quits when Lopez began filming Gigli with Ben Affleck.

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Watch Judd’s moves starting at the 5:50 mark: