Jennifer Lopez Brings the Laughs for "Saturday Night Live"

Jennifer Lopez continued her comeback tour over the weekend, taking on double duty by hosting Saturday Night Live and performing as the musical guest! She once again proved her strength in the comedy department, nailing her skits and visibly having a great time. And while her voice actually sounded stronger than we expected it to during her live musical performances, she really shined when it came to comedic acting.

With her recent success on Lopez Tonight, a new romantic comedy coming out in April (The Back-Up Plan) and this recent performance on SNL, we 're starting to think that the calls for J. Lo to have her own talk or comedy show don't sound so crazy anymore! What do you think?

Check out the hilarious spoof of Rihanna she pulled off during the "We Are the World 3 Disaster Relief" opening segment of SNL in the video below: