Javier Bardem Won’t Join the 'Glee' Club

Yesterday, EW.com's Michael Ausiello reported that Spanish actor Javier Bardem would guest star on the second season of FOX’s hit comedy, Glee, playing the role of a rock star who befriends Artie (Kevin McHale). Sounds great, right? Too bad it’s not true.

Latina.com reached out to FOX today to confirm that Javier was headed to McKinley High School this fall, and a rep for the show sent us the following response,  “We never confirmed the speculation about Javier Bardem.” Javier’s talent agent, José Marzilli, emailed a similar statement: “At this moment I cannot confirm Sr. Bardem's participation in Glee.”

And earlier this afternoon Glee Executive Producer Dante Di Loreto personally took to Twitter to say that the rumor about Bardem’s appearance on Glee is just that: A rumor. 

“Javierbardemjenniferanistonjuliarobertsbradpittelviskatieholmestomcruiseandu2 are not appearing in season 2," Di Loreto wrote. "But wouldn't it be fun...”

There you have it, folks. Javier Bardem is not headed to Glee. Someone cue the violins.