Javier Bardem Addresses his "Man-Crush" on Brad Pitt

Javier Bardem recently paid a visit to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to promote his new film Eat, Pray, Love. After Leno offered his congratulations to the Spanish actor on his recent marriage to Penelope Cruz (which Bardem graciously accepted) the topic of conversation turned to recent comments Javier made about Brad Pitt.

Talking to Elle magazine, Bardem admitted to having a "man-crush" on Brad Pitt, saying: “He is beautiful and his physicality is so amazing to see. But the beauty really comes from different places—the way he talks, the way he’s interested in what you’re saying. And that body is like—wow! It’s amazing, no? He really made me feel very, like…I don’t know, like, I could fall in love with him!"

Leno asks Bardem about the comment and the Eat, Pray, Love star unabashedly admits  that the comment may have had something to do with the fact that Pitt was an executive producer for the film! Watch the video below: