Jason Castro Speaks

This week, 21-year-old American Idol contestant Jason Castro and his signature dreadlocks were sent home during the results show, but the Colombian musician/songwriter from Texas seemed like his usual goofy self when we caught up with him the morning after his departure. Latina.com talked to Jason about his greatest challenge as a contestant, what the show taught him, and what his post-Idol life holds.

On struggling during his two songs on Tuesday night: "I felt like I was losing power because I couldn't connect with the songs. I really had a hard time when we picked it up to two songs. I wasn't committing to either one and I couldn't connect with them. I couldn't fall in love with them."

On what he planned to sing next week if he would've made it to the final three: "Usually the songs I want to do don't clear, because I've tried to clear them a few times. But there's a song I hadn't tried to clear yet by the Carey Brothers, called 'Blue Eyes,' and I really wanted to do that next week. It's a song I already knew and loved. That one would've been good-I don't know about the other two."

On what he learned from his American Idol experience: "I learned I could do a lot more than I thought. Before I did this, I wasn't really confident as a performer and I wasn't doing it a whole lot. And now I did it for a few months straight on television. I just gained a lot of confidence and learned that I could do it. It's cool."

On wanting to win: "I did sort of just wander in and you know, see where it would go. I never had the mindset of winning first place, but it was more wanting to give it my best every week. I didn't consider the real possibility that I could win until these last few weeks. I made it farther than I ever had imagined. Yesterday, I wanted to win. I think what it came down to was just my inexperience, and once I doubled up on songs, I wasn't really being able to focus on both my songs, and my mind was just split and I just couldn't deliver. "

On his post-Idol plans:
"Well, I am hearing that I am not going to get to go home. We're going to New York next week, and then I have to come back for the finale. I don't really know when I'll be getting home. I just miss home and I love being home in the summer. I kind of miss working with my dad. He has a company that designs custom swimming pools and I've worked with him since I was 15 doing drafting and did some outside work, cleaning pools and stuff like that. I'm looking forward to the tour. That's gonna be a blast. After that, I'll go wherever music leads me."

Lee Hernandez