Is Jason Castro the New Sanjaya?

From their unorthodox hairstyles to their puppy-dog eyes, American Idol hopeful Jason Castro and the show’s former crowd fave, Sanjaya Malakar, already have a few things in common. But now it looks like they even share the same obsessed tween fans! Ashley Ferl (aka the Crying Girl), the 13-year-old who notoriously broke into hysterics whenever Sanjaya sang last year, is apparently over her old boy crush and falling hard for Castro.’s TV blog reports that on Tuesday night’s Dolly Parton-themed show, Castro was sitting onstage during a commercial break when the show’s stage manager shouted into the crowd, “Ashley, where are you? Are you crying?” Apparently Ashley is not only on a first-name basis with American Idol’s crew, but she still goes to the Kodak Theater each night to watch the show and sends Castro fan mail on the regular. AI’s producers must be dying to milk Ashley’s tear-streamed face for another year…here’s hoping she smartens up enough to at least make them cut her a check for it!