EXCLUSIVE: Jake T. Austin On Being Puerto Rican, Speaking Spanish & Girls

I knew that everything she was going to be attached to was going to be something that a lot of people were wanting to be a part of. The Fosters is not your everyday show - it's unique, multi-racial - it's about a same-sex couple. It has been great to be able to tie in the traumatic experiences our characters have had through foster care to an intelligent audience and to be able to educate people on some of the problems that are happening.

Have you gotten the chance to work with J.Lo personally?

Jennifer Lopez has been really active on set, as well as behind-the-scenes. I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to work with her one-on-one, but it’s been great to see her direct and impact the work that we’re doing. She’s been on set on various occasions and I’ve been able to learn from her.

I noticed in one scene of The Fosters, you speak Spanish with your co-star Cierra on one episode. Are you fluent in Spanish?

I played Diego on Go Diego Go. It was a huge Spanish show and being able to do that when I was younger definitely gave me the ability to speak it then.