EXCLUSIVE: Jake T. Austin On Being Puerto Rican, Speaking Spanish & Girls

As you're well aware by now, Jake T. Austin is one of the stars of ABC Family's buzzed-about drama series The Fosters. The 18-year-old cutie pie actor plays an adopted young Latino teen named Jesus Foster on the show, which centers on an interracial lesbian couple raising a diverse set of kids, both foster and biological.

Superstar Jennifer Lopez serves as an executive producer of the series, which airs tonight at 9/8c. The show was co-created and written by Peter Paige, Brad Bredeweg, Simon Fields, and Greg Gugliotta.

In an exclusive phone chat with us, Austin opened up about working with J.Lo, his zealous fans on Twitter, and a bit about his dating life.

Read our full interview below:

Congrats on your new role as Jesus Foster in The Fosters! It’s refreshing to see such a serious show for a younger audience. What drew you to the role of Jesus Foster?

A lot. One thing that really stood out for me was being a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez - for years, I've listened to her music and watched her do film and television.