'Rosewood's Jaina Lee Ortiz on Why Working With Morris Chestnut & Eddie Cibrian is One Tough Job

Jaina Lee Ortiz Rosewood Season Two Exclusive Interview
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Jaina Lee Ortiz is back again to make a splash as your favorite badass detective on Fox's Rosewood.

This season, Beaumont Rosewood (played by Morris Chestnut), aka Rosie, and Annalise Villa (played by Ortiz) will head out of Miami to work on solving the murder of Annalise's husband. While Rosie and Villa will also struggle with figuring out where their relationship left off last season.

We caught up with the gorgeous Ortiz to talk about all things season two, get the scoop on her newest cast mate Eddie Cibrian and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

How do you manage to work next to a fine man like Morris Chestnut every day and not just die? Lucky lady! [Laughs]

Man, it's a struggle — trust me. The struggle is real! [Laughs] No, but really. It's incredible because I'm learning so much from him. He is this fountain of knowledge, not only the fountain of good looks. He has so much to offer in terms of guiding me — this is my first show. He guides me in such a way where I learn from him. From how he acts, I learn how he treats people, how he handled different types of situations everyday. On top of that, it's almost the cherry on top, him being so sweet and fine. It makes it even more perfect. He's the sweetest guy you'll ever met. A lot of my friends and family members that I've introduced him to have said he's not the "Hollywood type." You would assume he's this arrogant, stuck up guy. But he's the most down to earth, grounded, humble man you'll ever meet.

Love that so much. Let’s talk about your character, how has she grown or changed this season?

Detective Villa has grown in so many ways. I feel, personally, she has gone through so much in her life, between not having a relationship with her father and him not being in her life, still working out the relationship with her mother and of course, the death of her husband. I feel like Rosie has definitely been a positive influence in her life. She went from this cynical person — I mean she still kind of is — but she was so tough and guarded, she had so many walls built up that she’s been able to break down with the help of Rosie. I think she’s grown emotionally available. Before she was not having it, she did not want to deal with anyone in her personal space. Her friendship with Rosie has grown deeper and stronger, and that has opened the door to so many possibilities in future relationships. She’s growing, she’s becoming a better person.

Her and Rosie have gotten really close, do think this season we'll finally see that relationship blossom into something more?

It's weird because we ended off the first season with an almost “will they, won’t they," but then that kind of got shut down and now it’s a little awkward. They sort of have to start all over. I think this time around you’ll see them grow closer as friends because that’s the basis of their relationship. They’re such good friends that once that is established and that foundation is started, then you can just grow from that. I like to call their friendship a  “special friendship” because it’s not just a friendship. There’s flirtation, there’s strings attached, there’s something deeper. That will always be lingering and simmering. They’ll continue to grow on that and tip toe around that.

Would you be disappointed if it doesn’t grow into something more? Or are you satisfied with them having that really good friendship?

I’m sort of satisfied because I feel like it’s going to be expected. People want to see where they end up together, I feel like it’s only a matter of time. If we give them the opposite, maybe Rosie ends up going into another relationship with another woman, and Villa finds her new guy. I don’t know, I feel like that could also create another triangle of drama. But I’m scared that them getting together will hurt their work relationship because they work so well together as a team, and once you get what you’ve been wanting, you kind of don’t want it anymore! So I don’t want to ruin that need for everyone.

You have a new casemate on board, Eddie Cibrian.

!Qué rico! It’s the best. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. I have Morris on one side and Eddie on the other with the dimples on the other side. It’s really ridiculous. He’s amazing — he’s Cuban and adds so much of that spice and flavor to it. I love that his character is mysterious, dark and you don’t know whether to take him seriously or laugh at his jokes, but he definitely adds another dimension. It will be interesting to see what cards he’s going to play in season two. And it’s so hard, he’s so damn fine! Don’t tell my husband I said that, but he knows anyway!

What else can fans expect this season?

Fans can expect sexy, edgy, smart, sophisticated, hot Miami flavor! They can expect more conflict and drama, [and] more Villa solving the hottest crimes in Miami.