Is Mun2 Done With The Jenni Rivera Family?

Jenni Rivera fans, brace yourselves. We found out today that there will be no new show about the late banda singer and her family. At mun2’s 2013-2014 Upfront press conference today, the cable network’s General Manager Diana Mogollon announced that the I Love Jenni season that’s currently airing will be the series’ last.

During a video presented at the press conference, the reality TV series about the late Rivera and her children was said to have broken records and “engrained the Rivera family into the hearts of millions.” Though we won’t be seeing another season featuring the family, mun2 was very sensitive to Rivera’s death, calling La Diva De La Banda “our star.” The Mexican-American singer died on Dec. 9, 2012 as a result of a horrific plane crash.