Introducing “Big Time Rush” Star Carlos Pena

One of Latina’s 25 Brightest Stars Under 25, Carlos Pena is a triple threat (actor, singer, dancer) best known for his current role as Carlos Garcia on Nickelodeon’s music-themed teen sitcom, Big Time Rush.

On the show, which premiered in November of 2009 and tells the story of four friends from Minnesota who move to L.A. to follow their dreams of boy band stardom, Pena plays the comic relief character.

"Carlos is like the dynamite of the group," the actor said in a recent interview. "He is full of energy all of the time, has no filter, and does whatever he wants, when he wants. And he keeps the rest of the guys from being boring. If there were a pool that was freezing cold, he’d be the first one to jump in!"

Pena, whose mother is Dominican and father is Spanish and Venezuelan, was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He formed a music group with his Big Time Rush costars and had a hand in the hit single, "The City of Ours" (watch the video below). Believe it or not, he's only 21.

Yet with those dimples, that smile and that big voice, it’s safe to say Latinas will have a crush on this Big Time Rush star for years to come!