Introducing Sara Ramos

Sara Ramos has guest starred on a number of TV sitcoms, including Scrubs, Close to Home, Law & Order, Runaway, Wizards of Waverly Place and Ghost Whisperer—but until recently, she was best known for her role as Patty Pryor on the television series American Dreams.

Now the young actress has emerged as one of the breakout stars in the NBC series, Parenthood, as 15-year old Haddie Braverman. The sitcom is about the ups and downs of the very large Braverman family and ratings have steadily climbed since the show’s original season.

The beautiful Ramos is originally from Los Angeles and is of Hispanic and Jewish descent. We’re looking forward to seeing her character develop this season and will be watching for Ramos to tackle more of these quirky roles. Be sure to stay tuned!