Introducing Ricardo Laguna

For fans of BMX the name Ricardo Laguna is synonymous with greatness. With over a decade of riding experience he has competed in the X Games, participated in shows nationwide and in 2004 was named the Best Latin-American Dirt Jumper. Starting March 14th, he can add television star to his ever growing list of accomplishments with Tr3s premiere of The Ricardo Luna Project with executive producer Wilmer Valderrama. The show follows Laguna as he juggles BMX, family, real estate and life in Las Vegas. The La Paz, Mexico native took some time to talk with Latina about the show and what he’s most excited for audiences to see.

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Tell us about your upcoming show The Ricardo Laguna Project?

It basically revolves around my life which is BMX bikes and competing around the world. We don’t show me competing too much because we were filming during off season, though I do get to do a pretty big jump. At the same time I have the whole family there, like my mom who is trying to slow down my life when I just want to go faster. I can only pedal my bike while I’m young and strong so I have to make a lot of sacrifices and viewers will see me struggling to make some tough decisions dealing with family and work. 

How did you come to being the star of your own show?

I’ve had this idea for years. I wondered why no one on Hispanic networks had capitalized on this group because there are hundreds of thousands of kids that ride BMX bikes and skateboards. I was fortunate enough that I have a friend who is a good friend of Valderrama’s, and I met him fully aware of who he was and what he’s done and we just started talking.

What role does your heritage play in the show?

I think there are too many people that moved to the United States from Mexico that don’t have someone Latino that they can relate to. This allows them to say, “hey, that’s just like my story right there.”

What are you most excited for audiences to see?

For me it’s the bike riding, but we don’t do that much. Basically I want kids to be able to relate to me. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it, but I was at a contest once that I was fortunate enough to have won, and afterwards I threw my water bottle to the side. Some kid picked up my water bottle and wanted me to sign it. Then the following year the same kid came up to me with the same water bottle wanting me to sign it again! To have someone look up to me with that level of admiration, words cannot explain that feeling. The other thing that I get to show is that I donate my time, for example handing out bike helmets to kids for bike safety. I don’t care if you’re brown, black purple, fat, skinny, short, tall, if you want a helmet we’re going to give you one because if you ride bikes or skateboard or whatever I want you to be safe.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time outside of BMX and family?

[Laughs] I don’t think there is such a thing as free time! I don’t even have cable at my house, that’s the sick joke is that I’m going to have to pay to see my own show! I just recently bought a TV because my mom says, “Stop and smell the roses.” I’m like the roses are going to continue growing mom, right now it’s go, go, go. I don’t know what I would do in my down time. One thing that I do love that might be a little secret of mine is that I know how to play a couple of songs on the piano, but my ultimate goal is to really know how to play.

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The Ricardo Laguna Project premieres March 14th at 9pm EST on Tr3s!