Introducing 'Neverland' Star Q'orianka Kilcher

Q’orianka Kilcher is one fierce chica.

The 21-year-old of part-Peruvian descent stars in Syfy’s new upcoming mini-series Neverland. The series, which bases itself as a prequel to J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan, follows Peter and his fellow pickpocketing friends as they explore a world called Neverland after being transported there by a magical orb.

In the series, the gorgeous Kilcher plays Aaya (or Tiger Lily), the daughter of the Kaw chief who helps Peter (played by Charlie Rowe) try to stop plans of those seeking to damage Neverland and its inhabitants. The miniseries premieres Sunday, Dec. 4 and Monday, Dec. 5 at 9/8c.

Kilcher’s new role isn’t why we call her fierce, though.

Not only is the German-born beauty a kick-ass actress, but Kilcher is also an extremely dedicated activist. Last year, she was arrested with her mother after tying herself to a White House fence. According to CBS news, the mother-daughter pair said they were protesting a visit by Peru’s former president Alan García to President Barack Obama. Kilcher’s mother poured a black substance on her to signify oil, and Kilcher was charged with disorderly conduct. She has long committed herself to both human and environmental rights, even launching her own youth-driven organization titled “On-Q Initiative.”

In a 2007 interview with G Living, Kilcher spoke about her activism. “I love the saying ‘With great power, comes great responsibility,’” the actress said. “I love the power of celebrity because you can give voice to the voiceless.”

Back to acting; you may recognize Kilcher most from her role as Pocahontas in 2005’s Academy Award-nominated film The New World. The role won her an ALMA Award in 2006 for Best Latin American Actress in a Feature Film. Kilcher also starred in 2009 romance film Princess Kaiulani, in which she played Princess Kaʻiulani, one of the last heirs to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

As a young girl, Kilcher was very involved in both dance and music, even receiving a full-ride scholarship to the Hollywood Musician Institute at the tender age of 12.

Though we will see her in Neverland for just two nights, we’re sure Kilcher’s latest role will usher in many more promising ones. Check out the trailer for Neverland below: