'Idol' Producers Tried Dumping Mariah Carey for J.Lo?

With American Idol ratings dropping steadily, reportedly the show's producers and Fox executives were figuring out a plan to replace Mariah Carey with J.Lo during mid-season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources confirm that producers were in negotiation to bring Lopez back this season, but Carey responded by threatening to take legal action.

The new Idol season started off with a massive 18 million viewers, but has dropped 17% since. Last week the show was trumped by repeats of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Perhaps the show can learn a thing or two from The Voice, which has had a major ratings boost since Shakira and Usher took their seats.

A Fox spokesperson has denied the reports of a Carey replacement and said in a statement, “This is just another ridiculous Idol judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale.” An Idol producer and Mimi’s rep also denied the story.

Confession: We actually miss J.Lo on the show! Which judge do you prefer?