The Hottest Telenovela Hunks on TV Right Now!

If you don’t watch telenovelas with mami and abuela, here are 10 smoking hot reasons why you should start! Check out our picks for the sexiest telenovela hunks on TV and the shows where you can find them:

1. Telenovela Hotties: William Levy

Actor: William Levy
Roots: Cuban
Currently On: Triunfo Del Amor

2. Telenovela Hotties: Sebastian Rulli

Actor: Sebastian Rulli
Roots: Argentine-Mexican
Currently On: Teresa

3. Telenovela Hotties: Aaron Diaz

Actor: Aaron Diaz
Roots: Mexican
Currently On: Teresa

4. Telenovela Hotties: Fabian Rios

Actor: Fabian Rios
Roots: Colombian
Currently On: Los Herederos del Monte

5. Telenovela Hotties: Rafael Amaya

Actor: Rafael Amaya
Roots: Mexican
Currently On: La Reina del Sur

6. Telenovela Hotties: Mario Cimarro

Actor: Mario Cimarro
Roots: Cuban
Currently On: Los Herederos Del Monte

7. Telenovela Hotties: Eugenio Siller

Actor: Eugenio Siller
Roots: Mexican
Currently on: Aurora

8. Telenovela Hotties: Juan Soler

Actor: Juan Soler
Roots: Argentine
Currently on: Cuando Me Enamoro

9. Telenovelo Hotties: Osvaldo Rios

Actor: Osvaldo Rios
Roots: Puerto Rican
Currently on: Triunfo Del Amor

10. Telenovela Hotties: David Zepeda

Actor: David Zepeda
Roots: Mexican
Currently On: La Fuerza del Destino

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