"High School Musical": Mexico Style!

Mexico is Disney's newest frontier. As if the entertainment conglomerate hasn't already milked the heck out of the High School Musical franchise up here, Disney is going South of the Border to squeeze just a few more drops out of the dancing-singing child star super hit sensation, called High School Musical: El Desafio. Mexico and Argentina each have their own Spanish-language version of the hit television show, which will hit the big screen in those countries this month. The Spanish versions of HSM also incorporated a bit of a reality show element—the principal cast members were chosen by audiences and judges of High School Musical: The Competition, which aired in Mexico and Argentina last year.

Considering that Latin America is, like, so hot right now, this seems like a smart move on Disney's part. The only question that remains is, will the Latino Zac Efron need to, uh, grow a beard, or will Disney accept him clean-shaven?

Check out a clip from High School Musical: El Desafio below: