Exclusive: Hayley Orrantia Talks 'The Goldbergs,' ‘80s Fashion, & New Music

You may have heard of Hayley Orrantia before, but you haven't seen her in a role like this! The tejana actress and singer, who was discovered on the X Factor, plays Erica Goldberg on ABC's newest comedy, The Goldbergs, which centers around a Jewish family in the 80s. We caught up with the Dallas native to talk 80s fashion, music and more!

You were born in 1994. And your character, Erica, is a teen in the 1980s. How did you prepare for the role?

Being on set and surrounded by 80’s stuff really helps. My mom talked a lot about the big hair. And they did go roller skating that was their favorite thing to do.

What are some of the worst ‘80s fashion that you’ve worn on set?

I can’t stand jelly shoes. They’re ugly and not comfortable. They are definitely my least favorite.

What’s your favorite?

I actually like the big crazy sweaters!

Who’s your favorite ‘80s pop star?

I love Whitney Houston. I absolutely love her song, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

How about TV shows?

Full House. They would have reruns of it every morning before I would go to school. I would watch it every single day.

Which cast member have you learned from the most so far?

We bonded in our own separate ways, because we each have our own scenes together. I get along with Troy [Gentile] (Barry Goldberg) a lot because we are the same age; we can talk about all this teenager stuff. I bonded with Wendy [McLendon-Covey] (Beverly Goldberg) a lot, because she’s the other girl in the cast. We talk about boys and fashion so it’s nice to have her around.