Has Nina Garcia Been Auf'd from 'Project Runway'?

Backstage catfights at fashion shows seem like child's play compared to the war that's raging behind-the-scenes of Project Runway. After a sudden move from Bravo to Lifetime, producers of the series appear to be changing everything about the show: location (half the episodes will now film in Los Angeles to accommodate Heidi Klum's schedule), the shows creators are no longer involved with production, and the show is reportedly looking to dump it's long-time magazine partner Elle. According to Women's Wear Daily, Runway producers are entertaining the idea of working with Marie Claire starting next season.

Of course, this would mean PR host and Elle's former fashion director Nina Garcia would be out. According to the Hollywood reporter, Garcia's contract with the show has not yet been renewed, even though the ink dried on Klum and Tim Gunn's contracts weeks ago. This is another in a series of career shakedowns for Garcia, who recently lost her job at Elle because her bosses felt her attention was too much on her television appearances. Looks like Garcia will have nothing but free time now. Don't worry Nina, you can always come guest blog for Latina.com!