'The Handmaid's Tale' Gets Latino Spoof!

Photo Courtesy of Sh*t Miami Girls Say

If you think The Handmaid's Tale is not a series that can easily be spoofed, think again. The comedy trio behind Sh*t Miami Girls Say brought their mangoes and chancletas to the yard for a hilarious version worthy of Hulu attention...well maybe Funny or Die, but I digress.

And don't expect to see anyone named after their master's like Offred, played on the real series by Elizabeth Moss. In the Latino parody titled Da Handmaid's Tell,  all the women are named after famous Miami cities including Kendall, Brickell, and Hialeah.

"Blessed be the fruta," says comedian Jenny Lozano to her fellow handmaid, played by Giancarlo Sabogal, in the opening scene.

He responds, "Que Dios me lo habra," which translates to, "May the Lord open," a popular line from the real series.

Sabogal and his co-conspirator Michelle Sicars spoke to Latina.com about this excellent tribute to one of the hottest television shows of the summer.

Photo via Sh*t Miami Girls Say Instagram

What made you think a show as serious as The Handmaid's Tale needed to be spoofed?

The Handmaid’s Tale is currently one of our favorite shows on the air at the moment. While recording our podcast as our Miami girl characters, we wondered what it’d be like if Miami girls lived in a world like Gilead. From there, we thought of other awesome Miami / Latina actors that could help bring this to life and decided to collaborate.

Tell us all about your co-stars! I recognize a few faces...

Jenny Lorenzo, aka OfDoral has a huge online Latino presence

Otmara Marrero, aka OfHiahleah is a working actress on a show called Startup on Crackle

Krizia Bajos aka Titi Lidi is a working actress on tv and film and also does voiceover work

It was truly an awesome experience to work with such amazingly talented people. There’s nothing more powerful than a group of Latinas coming together, no matter what profession you’re in.

As a fellow Miamian, I see all the references to Latino culture and Miami life. Can you please point them out to those who aren't familiar

Right off the bat, you see it when Livette (Sabogal) realizes she is suffering from swamp a**, which is a sweaty butt. This is a daily occurrence in Miami, especially during the hot and humid summers.

We’ll let you use your imagination.

We wanted to stay true to the show’s jargon but give it a Miami spin so we used the “Of” names and added a respective city to identify each of the handmaids.

The mangoes as weapons represent the plethora of mangoes in Miami.

OfKendall’s (played by fellow Sh*t Miami Girls Say star Aimee Carrero) line: “Don’t worry, I’m 305 till I die” is simply our ode to Miami.

Even if we live 3,000 miles away, Miami will always be home.

Pobre Titi Lidi, will she be revived for next season?

You’ll have to wait and see

I'm so happy you guys finally came back. I always wanted more after seeing your original viral videos. Any chance we'll be getting some SMGS merchandise? 

All in due time, but we’re definitely working on it!

Although you all are from Miami, I know many of you spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. Where can I find good Cuban food outside my kitchen?

El Criollo Grill in Burbank is pretty good and Havana Mania in El Segundo. Porto’s is for your pastry needs. It’s a hard comparison to Miami because we’re spoiled and have Cuban places on every corner, but its something.

Check out Da Handmaid's Tell below: