Gloria Trevi is Trying to Show Her Softer Side — But Do You Believe Her?

Gloria Trevis is Trying to Turn a New Leaf — But Do You Believe Her?
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The success of MTV’s The Osbournes demonstrated that the mundane lives of unorthodox celebrities could translate into ratings gold—particularly when the boldfaced names in question were already controversial figures. There’s certainly a precedent, then, for why mun2 tapped Mexican pop superstar Gloria Trevi, 44, to star in her own reality series this fall, A Toda Gloria.

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A provocative performer since 1989, when she released her solo debut album, Qué Hago Aquí?, Mexico’s answer to Madonna has fascinated the public for a generation. In fact, she says, it was her fans who requested that she allow the world into the McAllen, Texas, home she shares with her husband of five years, Armando Gómez Martínez, and their sons, Ángel Gabriel, 12, and Miguel Armando, 9. “The show’s producers surveyed Latinos in the United States to see which celebrity home they’d most like to enter, and 80 percent said they’d like to step inside my house,” Trevi says.

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It’s likely that for some viewers, the desire to pull back the curtain on Trevi’s life stems from a perverse sense of curiosity. What is she like in real life? Is she as much of a rule-breaking hellion behind closed doors as she is on stage? But while Trevi’s rebellious attitude, nonconformist lyrics and punk-inspired outfits certainly ruffled conservatives’ feathers early in her career, more serious charges were what eventually landed her in a Brazilian jail cell.

The saga began in 1998, when allegations surfaced that Trevi’s manager and producer, Sergio Andrade, was the leader of a sex ring involving underage girls, and that Trevi and backup singer Maria Raquenel Portillo acted as Andrade’s accomplices, luring in the girls who would eventually be kidnapped, forced to live in a cult-like environment and routinely beaten and sexually assaulted. Authorities tracked down the fugitive trio in Rio de Janeiro after a year on the run and swiftly arrested them. Trevi spent the following four years behind bars (two in Brazil and two in Chihuahua, Mexico), facing charges of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors. Finally, in 2004, a Chihuahua judge dropped all charges against Trevi, citing insufficient evidence. The following year Andrade was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in prison.

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