Glee Season Finale Recap: Goodbye, McKinley High

Did you catch the finale last night? It was definitely one to remember, filled with flashbacks to make even the most noncommittal watcher shed a few tears.

(Spoiler alert!)

The time had come for many of McKinley High’s seniors to graduate, and what a pretty great send-off they had. Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) starts off in the choir room, thinking back to the beginning of the glee club days. Playing a little “Forever Young,” he really starts the show off right. Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) discussed their relationship status, or rather, didn’t discuss it and just decided not to say goodbye (cue the aw’s). Mercedes (Amber Riley) got discovered on YouTube and is heading to L.A. to be a backup singer. Brittany (Heather Morris) will not be graduating, what with a 0.0 GPA. Mike (Robert Chang, Jr.) is heading to Chi-town. Santana (Naya Rivera) was having doubts about college… cue Gloria Estefan (aka Santana’s mom Maribel)! She gives   Santana the advice she needs about moving on and being herself (cliché, but true.)

Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) have a huge, interesting turn of events, with Finn not getting into Pace in New York, but deciding at the end to join the army. (Yeah, didn’t see that coming.) Rachel is basically pushed by Finn to go to NYADA in New York instead of deferring her decision to stay with him. (Way to go, Finn.)

Really, it was a satisfying (not to mention entertaining) end to the school year.

What did you think of the finale? Are you looking forward to next season?